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Over the past 15 years the Wellness Resource Medical Clinic has refined the art of provocation neutralization testing and treatment for environmental illness. Unlike other allergy testing, we individualize testing by choosing form over 500 allergens based on the patients history. The dose is also designed specifically for the patient by skin testing.
New patients have skin testing performed which provokes a wheal on the skin specific for a type of allergen (this is called provocation). The next step is to neutralize the wheal with the correct dose of allergen which turns off the allergic response. This "turn-off" dose is too small to produce a reaction but large enough to prevent one. The patient goes home with the specific dose needed for each allergen combined into a single solution.


Typically allergens are given twice weekly and many patients have relief of symptoms the same day! This makes testing and treatment fast, accurate and convenient. Once a patient has neutralized his immune system to the offending allergen, the substance can be re-introduced. Patients are eating forgotten foods and enjoying abandoned activities once again!


Mitzy and Patti form the nucleus of our clinic staff. They have a combined 30 years of experience performing provocation neutralization. Aside from their expertise in preparing and testing the allergens, they have years of practical knowledge and are always there for questions once the testing is over and the treatment begins.
The most recent practitioner to join the Wellness Clinic family is Dr Kevin Hegewald MD. He combines traditional medicine with Environmental Medicine in providing patients a fresh perspective. "Our patients are the ones who have sought answers from many different providers before coming to us. They are an ambitious and motivated group who want to maximize their own well-being". He continues to bring "all that is right and good" in medicine to our patients and says that provocation neutralization is an effective diagnostic and therapeutic tool.
Ann Both, RNC FNP, has called Wellness her home for over 15 years. "We can solve many problems for other people as well as the traditional asthmatics". She sees patients experiencing PMS, migraine, chronic fatigue, recurrent yeast infections, candidiasis, irritable bowel symptoms, joint stiffness, muscle ache, hay fever, chronic sinusitis, and recurrent ear infections. Her love for educating patients never ends. "At Wellness Resource Medical Clinic we listen to the patient--we don't just administer medications," says Dr. Erhardt Zinke, staff physician at the clinic with over 25 years experience in Environmental Medicine. Although his time caring for patients has decreased, his love and concern for his patients remains. He says that his staff is truly caring, which is part of getting well.

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